Lack of Connectivity

I have internet access wherever I go. At home, easy.

At work? No problem.

Out and about? Well, there's always Starbucks. As such, I have a mobile that isn't "smart" by any definition and an iPod touch. The times I can't get online, I either shouldn't (e.g. the cinema!) or don't want to.


Occasionally there is wifi at exhorbitant rates and I won't use that. (Hotels take note: if you charge for wifi, I won't stay with you, free wifi is one of the things I look for, right between 'tea and coffee making facilities' and a means of washing).

Right now, I'm on a train. Not a swish train with wifi, it's a regular commuter train. No connection for me.

I want to check my email. I feel... .... disconnected. This happens from time to time, but enough to justify 30 quid a month for a smartphone? Nah.

The fast of thought will wonder: How is it that I'm reading this? That's the wonder of a bluetooth keyboard, an iPod touch and a WordPress app which allows offline writing.