Wordpress - The Big Change

WordPress is undergoing a big change right now, it's upgrading to 2.7. Behind the scenes a lot is different, so much so that 2.6.5 to 2.7 seems like an understatement. It feels like a major revision, it should be 3.0. Anyhow, I've taken the plunge with release candidate 1, and from now on I should be able to upgrade automatically with a click.... that is great if it works, and very scary if there is ever an upgrade bug (can you imagine the support forums?)

Everything seems different.... everything is different. It'll take a while before I'm comfortable with the changes, but I'll get there.

Something I want to do is write up a new theme for the website from scratch as the current theme is one cobbled together from pre-existing themes. To write a theme from scratch will, for me, take time - and that's the issue. I also do need to go through and tag all the old posts - that takes time as well!

If anything looks broken, please do let me know.