When I see a headline which reads like this one from the Times of India, India among top 13 countries in scientific papers - surely I can't be the only one whose first reaction is 'so, you're at Number 13, then?' After all, who gets the number 10 slot and says 'we're in the top 13?'

If you've spotted other examples, please let me know.


If you've not done so already, it's worth signing up to YouGov. They are a survey company who periodically send notifications of surveys. They pay you for each one you complete. It typically takes a few minutes per survey, and you only get an email every few days or so.

These surveys are quoted on the news and in papers etc. They're also fed back to companies, essentially anyone who commissions a survey.

I've just done a 'brandindex' survey, it took about 2 minutes.


I've just hit the 50 quid mark with YouGov, so I can expect a cheque to arrive soon - just about the right time of the year. If you haven't heard of YouGov, they do surveys for, well, whoever pays them, and they pay you each time you complete a survey (typically 50p, though it can be more).

If you sign up to YouGov, you can quit at any point, no obligations and all that.

The 50 quid should be with me in January, that'll be nice.


If you've ever heard of YouGov polls, and wondered who these people are, then follow the link. YouGov are a polling organisation which maintains a panel of internet users. From time to time, they email you a link to a poll, typically they pay 50p for each poll completed - though this can vary. Sometimes they pay more, sometimes it's a 'prize poll' - I don't like those myself (i.e. I've not won).

Whether you're emailed a link or not depends upon your profile, they try to get responses that reflect the demographic of the public.

Each poll is opt-in, there's no obligation. I've been doing YouGov polls myself for a while now, and they're pretty quick to do. There have been a few times where I've aborted as I was unhappy about the questions, but for the most part it's fairly innocuous.

Why am I making this post? Well, if you sign up using this link, I get some credit when you complete surveys (at no cost to you).Well, I'm not going to give them a free plug out of the goodness of my heart, am I? At the time of writing, you get £1 for signing up in the first place, plus any regular payments for completing surveys.