Continuing the Rifle practice

My eighth ever groupingThis is my eighth ever grouping. The sighting is a little off and needed adjusting, but it's a half inch group (i.e. pretty good) - and at the moment I'm mostly concentrating on the grouping. I'm really very pleased with things so far, it's good fun, and it's something I appear to be taking to!

My largest grouping to date is 1 inch, all the other seven are less than three quarters.

First Shoot

This was my first ever attempt at bolt action rifle shooting - I'm really pleased with it. It's a half inch group (i.e. good). The actual aim is less important, as one deals with that by adjusting the sights, if they're grouped it means the shots are repeatable and reliable.

First Shoot

The subsequent groups were less good, the worst though was one inch - still pretty good for a beginner. The other two were three quarter inch.