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Canadian Grand Prix 2007

Breaking News: I'd settled in to watch the Canadian Grand Prix. All was going well, that Lewis Hamilton chap is a bit good... and then Kubica has a huge collision with the wall dividing the two sides of a hairpin turn. It was a huge collision, one of the worst I've seen in a while.

As I write, there is no news as to his wellbeing.

There is a video on youtube showing Kubica larking about.

Update (Lap 30): He is now out of his car, there is still no news as to his condition.

Update (Lap 36): Kubica is 'stable'.

Shortly after learning this, we have the spectacle of Rosberg and Trulli appearing to clash, but no - they both lost it on the same corner, and pirouetted across the track, never making contact with each other. I'd like to see that on youtube!

Update (Lap 43): According to the BBC, 'Kubica's manager says he has spoken to the BMW Sauber driver and he appears to be fine - a huge relief after such a massive accident. The Pole has been taken to Montreal general hospital for further check-ups.'

Update: Wonderduck has some pictures of the Kubica crash via The English Guy. There are also photos on the F1 page, images 4 to 6 - I think the most terrifying one of the crash itself is number 5, but number six showing Liluzzi's point of view has it's own horror; Imagine being Liluzzi...

Update: Video of the crash, I'm amazed that the chap only got a broken leg.