Google Chrome

Today, Google release a beta of their new browser software, Chrome. Like Mozilla Firefox, it will be Open Source. This comic strip explains the concepts behind it. The ideas look good, very solid.

There is the possibility of 'Browser Wars' re-erupting - but if they do, I don't see it repeating MSIE/Netscape, as there new features were introduced ad-hoc. There is more emphasis today on being standards compliant - and this is a good thing. I don't imagine that Google would want to promote non-standard html code, it'd make their core business more difficult - and so another standard compliant browser out there will be a kick to MSIE to get those remaining issues quashed (especially with CSS).

The bigger risk is google being too big, too powerful and breaking their 'don't be evil' motto (some would say 'too late'). Fingers in too many pies and all that. Whilst Chrome has the potential to squash all before it - I don't get that vibe at the moment. Let's see how things develop.


Arrogance of Advertisers!

I'm using Firefox, which has a built in popup blocker. Given that I have a pop up blocker, what makes an advertiser so sure that I want to buy from them that they have to find ways to bypass the blocker? Pop-unders are the spawn of satan, and they are starting to spread beyong Microsoft Internet Explorer. Fortunately, in a very low key way, so far.

Hint to advertisers. If you have to bend over backwards to get your ad seen, chances are you're going to annoy people. Given the choice, I will avoid companies which use popups, and I certainly will never buy from companies which spam.