Cinema Tickets

I wanted to get cinema tickets this weekend, and normally don't like to use the automated booking line for the cinema for several reasons 1) I can walk there during the week to get tickets for the weekend. This lets me point at the screen to choose my own seats (yes, one has some flexibility when talking on the phone, but one has none using the online system). (Update: this has now changed)

2) The phone line costs, over two pounds extra for four tickets. I really do not understand this, surely any cost would be per phone call, not per ticket. In addition they get certainty of selling the ticket and they have to pay for less staff manning all the individual cinemas! The same is true when booking online. It's almost as mysifying as a ferry company charging more for ferry tickets as the gap increases between outbound and return journeys. The only explanation is blatant profiteering.

3) The call can be frustrating

Unfortunately I did not have a chance to go to the cinema in person in the week and so I had to use the automated line. I have discovered a nice dodge.

When it says 'Please state the name of the cinema you require', saying 'Operator' puts you straight through to a Human Being.

This is so useful to know, I've put it here so I can find it again using the helpful search box on the homepage.

The film? Underworld: Evolution