'24' and the clock

'24' is a nice little show, and I've watched it since the start. I've forgiven them the fact that CTU seems to have more moles than a country field, that Jack Bauer seems to be the only person in the entire organisation capable of saving the day. Heck, I even forgave them the Puma (but that took some time....). Overall, the occasional sillinesses are offset by some good stuff. However, in the UK we've just got to the 'reveal' about the President - I have the nasty suspicion that I may need to forgive them one more time.

Therefore, it bugs me, as someone who knows quite a bit about electronics (I'm not doing my 'cool' factor any favours here, am I?) that I didn't notice that the clock used on '24' is impossible to make with seven segment LED displays.

Firstly, the '1' has serifs, there's a little 'bar' on the top, but the top LED shows no sign of being splittable when 7 is displayed. More critically the numbers have been 'kerned', so when a 1 is displayed it is closer to the numbers to the left than it should be, this means that some transitions between numbers are never used, 0->1 and 1->2. The one exception to this is the end of the show when we see the clock move to the next hour, e.g. 10:59:59->11:00:00 or 11:59:59->12:00:00. In this case some extra space is given for the '1' so that the numbers don't have to move around.

I am SO annoyed that I didn't notice. I think I'll get over it soon....

... okay. I'm over it.