Wombles wonder about 'Fanny Packs'

Simply brilliant: Bernard Cribbins lends his voice to a Wombles montage which highlights that only 1% of childrens' television is currently made in the UK. Quite right.

When I grew up, we had Bod, The Magic Roundabout, Mr. Benn, Chorlton and the Wheelies, The Camberwick Green/Chigley/Trumpton trilogy, Playaway (with Jeremy Irons), Dangermouse, Jamie and the Magic Torch, Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog, Captain Pugwash, Think of a Number (with Johnny Ball, who unfortunately has no modern parallel), Take Hart and the list goes on....

These programmes could talk to children without patronising them (with seemingly endless slimings) - they had little jokes for the adults (especially things like 'The Magic Roundabout').

Parents today could do a lot worse that switching off current childrens' TV and getting the seventies and early eighties shows on DVD.

Records on 25million families lost

This includes bank details for 7 million families, national insurance numbers and so on. The information was sent, by unrecorded delivery, through the post. This is information worth millions, if not billions, in the wrong hands.


The records include parents' and children's names, addresses, dates of birth, child benefit and national insurance numbers and in some cases, bank or building society details.

And then they wonder why I don't trust this government, or any government, with all of my personal information on a centralised ID database?

On the bright side, the discs are 'password protected'. That's all right then, dictionary brute force attacks have almost never been shown to work....

In other news, last week the Information Commissioner’s Office asked the UK to criminalise severe data breaches. Good job for the powers that be that this hasn't happened yet!

Even if this was the mistake of some underling, the fact that the systems were so lapse that this information could be burned to CD is a massive problem.

Update: The banks are advising that people don't need to phone them and say 'give me a new bank account number'. They would say that, it's a lot of work - but on the precautionary principle, there is no reason not to do this. In fact, if my bank said there was no need, I would respond by saying 'if you won't give me a new account number, I'll move my account'.

Update 2: Don't accept 'ID card database would be safe as it's protected by biometrics' - this is so much tosh, the biometric info is just another record in the database.

Update 3: No2ID now has this story