Ciak Journals

CiakAt long last I've found the Italian supplier of my favourite notebook, Ciak. The journals cannot be bought individually here, so I'm considering making a large order and selling the rest on. The Ciak is quite hard to find in the UK, a website called City Organiser have just stopped selling them (I got the last three). They're also available in 'Paperchase' under the 'noto' brand name - but only in black and blue, at present (note, the price on the website is for the very small size - not the size I use for journalling). At this time, paperchase only have the hideous multicolour page one on their site, not the cream paged one which is available in the shop. I like the leather cover of a . I have a moleskine as a pocket book, but I don't like the cover as much... if they had a soft leathery cover, that may be different! It's rather hard to tell from a website, especially this one. Moleskine certainly have a following, there are even Moleskine 'hacks'. Though the comments here shows that not everybody 'gets it'.

I spent a long time trying to find a journal I like, I'm not the only one! I started off with one from WHSmith (they went through a 'posh' phase in my local store, this is now over and they no longer stock the one I liked, going back to flowery things for kids, women, and spiral bindings for everyone else), and I switched to Ciak as it seemed similar! I've now a Ciak convert!

Now, all that remains is to see if I can get them direct from Italy rather than sticking with Paperchase's meagre (though reasonably priced) choice. Ciak journals are excellent, I'd recommend them highly. Looking around, I can see a German supplier, now... if only I could read their site!

I've found plenty of nice sites looking around this topic, I've subscribed to a few using bloglines, including Journalisimo

LATEST Update: I have sold out on ebay, and have no immediate plans to get a job lot in (in other words, my personal stock doesn't need to be replenished). Update: 16th September 2006: I don't have any on ebay at the moment, however I will be getting some more in soon as I'm about to run out of my personal stash. Update: 14th May 2005 - I've just put some Ciak journals up on Ebay Update: 7th Sept 2005 - I have put another batch up today. The URL is now semi-permanent Update: 13th Dec - I am out of stock until 2006 - sorry.