West Wing

It has arrived!

The West Wing - Complete Season 7 The completist freak side of me is slightly satiated for a time, though there is a mild disappointment that only one version of the 'live debate' episode is on the discs (they could have done something nice there, options to play the two versions side by side, for example).

Where else can I go for a fix of political drama now?

If I was starting from not having the DVDs at all, I'd get this.

The Complete West Wing - Seasons 1-7 Box Set

West Wing - The Nightmare

As I may have mentioned one or several times, I quite like 'The West Wing'. The West Wing - Complete Seasons 1 and 2 [2001]

The West Wing - Complete Season 7It's at about this point after a season finishes that I start to anticipate the next (in this case) non existent season.

Last night, I dreamt I was watching Season 8 (the Santos Administration) - I would have loved the show to refresh itself with Vinick, but it wasn't to be. So, there I was, 'watching' the Santos whitehouse, and the Richard Schiff character, Toby Ziegler comes in (which makes no sense in the storyline). Only Richard Schiff had opted not to return to the series, so they got Tom Hanks in to replace him.

To prove his Jewish credentials in the role, Tom Hanks kept shrugging his shoulders and saying 'Oh, Vey'.

I switched off the virtual TV in disgust, and at this point woke up.

Should I be concerned?

The West Wing

For people that missed it completely, More 4 (UK) are showing the complete West Wing from the first episode, starting this sunday at 8pm. It really is an excellent series (with occasional American schlock). Martin Sheen's entrance at the end of the first episode is wonderful, and the establishing shot of John Spencer (RIP) playing Leo McGarry walking through the White House is really the bees kness - it just brings home the quality of the show in that it's all one shot.

Yes, the West Wing can be fast talking, but viewers should be aware that much of this isn't really essential for the plot, it's about 'flavour'. Go with it.

If you've never seen it, be happy. You've a lot of quality programming ahead of you.

I maintain a calendar of what I consider to be good programmes on google calendar, and you're welcome to share that calendar by clicking on the button shown here. (I don't plan to add the West Wing re-runs here, as I tend just to include 'first time' programmes - but if anyone wants to take it on....)

West Wing Season 7

The excellent West Wing Season 7 is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

The West Wing is a fantastic series (if a bit sentimental at times), and I can highly recommend it, it's well worth watching from the start due to ongoing threads - but with the magic of 'previously on... ' one can pick it up at any point.

Things to note: Don't expect to have to follow all the details, the bit plot arcs are the key thing - I like all the details though!