West Sussex

Riding to Portsmouth

My trust steed (the one with wheels)

I did a huge bike ride yesterday, about 80km to Portsmouth. My route took me over the South Downs - and this was very hard going. More than once I had to walk it.

The downhills were great though, some of them just seemed to go on and on - and I got a new top speed of 62.2km/hr.

The ride itself was done at a lowly average of 11.5km/hr, as I say, the hills really affected things.

This represented a huge undertaking for me, and I gratefully staggered onto the train at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, unlike saturday, there was no medal for me. I think I deserved one!

I had arrived in Portsmouth

I completed the ride on my New World Tourist. It's developed an odd squeak when being walked (not ridden) - I think the brakes need a little adjusting - I'll try and do that soon.

My train got in after dark, and I did find myself befuddled again that Greengear saw fit to make a bicycle rack without a standard attachment for lighting. Let's hope that they can come up with a bracket which can bolt on to provide a standard light plate (with 50mm and 80mm spaced holes). This'll then accept a cateye adaptor (or similar). I have asked them directly if they had a particular brand of light in mind when designing the rear fitting - to my surprise they could not recommend anything.

I got home using a light attached to my under-seat tool carrier - but this isn't ideal.

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