In the UK it's been a bit warm of late. Too warm. I'm an autumnal an spring type of person, I like it fresh. I don't do 'hot'. It's also been 'muggy'.

Therefore it has been particularly annoying to hear the weather forcasters on TV saying 'make the most of the good weather, it's only likely to last until the weekend!'

Who they hell are they to make value judgements on the weather? I like rain - I like thunderstorms. Heck, when we went to spain we stayed in L'Escala which is on the coast south of the mountains on the border with France. It was hot. Damned hot. I was thankful to see a thunderstorm pass to the north. It was pretty, a welcome change and it cleared the air for the rest of the holiday.

I don't like it hot. It makes for perspiration and odours. Roll on the change at the weekend.

Being caught out in a downpour isn't pleasant, true - but a summer shower? Lovely. Being outside, but under shelter in a downpour - brilliant!

Sun is not synonymous with good, nor is rain synonymous with bad. I wish they'd get that into their heads.