Red Vs. Blue

No, not the computer animated story, but the Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson's Column

The re-enactment of Trafalgar gets underway, with the Red and Blue teams (so as not to upset the French).

This is a crazy idea. The powers-that-be are making themselves out to look incredibly stupid. It's quite amusing that this is from a nation that when deciding where in London to build the eurostar terminal, which is the terminal for passengers arriving from France, decided to place that terminal at Waterloo Station. The rationale must be that the name "Waterloo" could have no possible significance to the French, unlike Trafalgar.

Here's a secret. The French are the blue team. The blue team lose.

This is moronic over-sensitivity on the part of the British. The Battle of Trafalgar was 200 years ago, and in the past 100 years then Britain and France have been allies, albeit with some gentle leg-pulling.

Either we commemorate Trafalgar, or we don't. I think that we may have opted for the latter.