Vase, Circuits and Ciaks

Pencil sketch of a vase

A few pencil sketches have been made over the past few days.

I was most pleased with this first one of the vase. The vase is from imagination. I haven't got the shading quite right near the bottom, but stopped as I was concerned about 'overworking' the picture.

I am please with the fact that the shadow and vase blend at the bottom right, making the viewer join the lines.

Integrated circuit

The integrated circuit was drawn during an idle moment today. For those who are interested in this sort of thing, I think it was an NE555

I find this pretty ordinary

The last picture holds some interest for me in the subject matter, given the fact that I'm drawing in a moleskine, I find it nice that I drew my Ciak journal!

Ciak in watercolour and pencil

Both drawings were done using watercolour pencils, but the drawing on the right was made wet and the one on the left was not.

The wife prefers the wet one, and I prefer the dry!