Incredible Mexican Odyssey

I've just read a report about Mexican Fishermanwho have been adrift in the Pacific for several months in an 8m or 25ft boat. They survived on rainwater, raw seagulls, ducks and fish. They were eventually 'with the Japanese and Chinese'. They were actually picked up by a Taiwanese trawler. It's a little unclear about whether they were adrift for three months or eleven, though it's easy to see how they could lose track of time.

They're on their way to the Marshall Islands at the moment, where I presume they'll transfer to a flight for the journey home.

Last year, some people from Kiribati were picked up off Papua New Guinea after being adrift for 8 weeks, and in 2001 two Samoans were adrift for four months, also picked up near Papua New Guinea.

One wonders how many people are going adrift and never get picked up...