Superman Returns

Cards on the table. I have to admit that I've never been a big Superman fan. Even as a kid the idea of the 'Man of Steel' wasn't one that I could get behind. Here we have a guy who is essentially invulnerable, and only sensitive to an incredibly rare mineral (which seems to show up all the time). The kicker is that this mineral is a bit of his home planet? Makes you wonder why his people didn't die out long ago.

The trouble with Superman for me is that there's no real jeopardy there - with the exception of kryptonite and that always seemed contrived. As a kid, Spiderman was always much more sympathetic, as was Batman (when dark and not camp). Captain Scarlett had the same problem for me.

This Superman film was a good one (certainly better than the later Chris Reeve films), and continued things well. Certain things are left in the air (how did he survive a trip to Krypton which must be teeming with Kryptonite?)

The effects are pretty good (look for the single slow-motion bullet) - though in places the CGI superman looks a little plastic to me (the Spiderman films had the same problem... with Spiderman especially I want a stuntman on a rope, please!)

Kevin Spacey is excellent as Lex Luthor, and seems to revel in the role. The actress playng Lois Lane, with a five year old kiddie? Crikey, I must be getting old, but she looks like she would've been 13 when she became pregnant!

As a physics type, bad physics in films does annoy me. Though I overlook neccesary conceits (it's a gravity defying hero for goodness sake) certain things can annoy me. In the title sequence there is a saturn-like planet with intersecting rings at an angle of something like 80 degrees. This was both unphysical, and lacked elegance (essentially, the rings wouldn't be stable like that - and stability of orbits is needed to get the rings fairly flat - which they were) - also, the way the plane crumpled in the sequence near the start wasn't good - yes, superman may have been able to slow the plane, but planes generally speaking aren't built to be handled by the nose cone, so the plane would've failed under it's own weight... and Lois Lane has no concussion? If he's going to grab a plane, do it by the wheel assembly (given the wheels are up, a sequence can be made there). Similarly, if holding a car by the bumper, the bumper will fail.

This may seem picky given that it's a film about a flying man, but as I say, I can overlook necessary unrealities, as long as the everyday workings of the world are right.... and when they're not they just jar with me.

Overall, it's a good little film as Superman films go. It's not fly-around-the-world-backwards-let's-see-it-again great, but it's entertaining. If someone is really into their Superman, I can see how it'd be the best thing since sliced bread for them. For me, it's alright.