USA Passport Control

The better half has just returned from a trip to the USA on business. She travels on a passport with her alias listed... very shaddowy. Essentially, at work she uses her maiden name - it's a consistency thing, but otherwise she uses her married name. Her passport is in her married name, but her maiden name is also on the passport (there is an entry on the page after the personal details that says she is 'also known as')

When the tickets were bought, they were in her maiden name, i.e. the name she uses at work.

She flew to the US without problem, but when it came to leave, there was a look of confusion from the woman checking passports. The name didn't match the passport! Horror!

The better half said 'the detail is on the next page of the passport'. The passport control woman flicked back and forth in the passport, before eventually saying 'you'll have to show me, I don't understand'.

So, there you have it - when you fly, you might have your passport checked by someone for which the concept of 'next page' presents difficulty.

I'd be interested to hear if you have any airline stories, this post has comments open.

Junk Mail

This morning I had some junk mail from M&G, which I opened in the pile of the other mail. Nothing unusual there, you might think. Except that some genius decided that they could make their junk a little more noticeable by including a handful of confetti.

Wonderful... confetti everywhere.

I rang them up to say that I had been looking at them to take some of my business (a slight fib), but that this had annoyed me so much that they could now forget that.

Stupid, messy, bad idea marketing drones. Annoying potential customers certainly won't earn my business! What will earn my business are good investment products - nothing less.