Star Trek

New FX in Trek

In ST:TOS there is news that they will be redoing the special effects to make them look less cheesey to modern eyes. Now, I'm not one for doing this, as a general rule. Yes, George Lucas, I'm looking at you. However, here it seems that the Enterprise to be handled sympathetically.

The result, at least to my eyes is crisper, but preserves the flavour of the original.

I do hope that the Trek people have seen the annoyance caused by modifications to Star Wars, and will not destroy the originals, making them unavailable to the punters.

The ideal DVD release for me would be one where the two versions were selectable by using the 'angle' button on the DVD (i.e. choose between camera angles). This is a most underused DVD option, but it would come into it's own here, allowing people to move easily between 'before' and 'after'. I have absolutely no Trek on DVD (perhaps this might surprise people), there's simply way too much of it for a completist freak like me to start (every time I see Season 3 of 'the Sopranos' without seasons 1, 2 and the rest I get a little pang). However, if they released the 'multi angle' version at a reasonable price, I would be tempted...

I'd then have to move to ST:TNG DVDs, ST:DS9, ST:VOY and even ST:ENT!

I wonder if these will be shown in the UK. Normally ST:TOS is tucked away in a daytime slot, I can imagine Sky One putting revamped versions on at primetime.

New Trek

The first production art for the JJ Abrams (of 'Lost' fame) Trek project has been released at the franchise website. It has a distinctly retro feel to it, I like it - though a 'Young Kirk' story is a worrying prospect and would take a lot to pull off!

Let's hope the project itself is up to scratch - the franchise needs a Khan, not a Nemesis.

The poster is here. It's going to be released in 2008.