Snakes on a Plane

We've Seen Snakes!

We've just got back from seeing 'Snakes on a Plane'. It was damned good fun. Yes, it's not a 'clever' film, yes, the plot is there in the title, and yes, certain things are flagged up in advance (but that's half the fun... wait until people start to go to the loo!)

Yes, the snakes are sometimes unrealistic (toothy constrictors and occasional problems with the cgi).

None of this matters. The film was really enjoyable. It was funny (and once it made me jump).

In addition it had snakes. They were on a plane.

Sam Jackson was the 'brother from another mother', and he had had it with those motherfucking snakes on that motherfucking plane.

It's a damned sight better than 'Miami Vice' - but then that's not saying much. If you're trying to decide between these films there is no contest. It has to be Snakes.

And remember. Time is Tissue.

Teaser Trailer

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Official Site

Samuel L Jackson is getting a real snake theme going, his next film is Black Snake Moan with Christina Ricci.

Sam Jackson on the Daily Show

Sam Jackson appears on the Daily Show and they show the clip from "Snakes on a Plane"

"Enough is enough, I have had it with these motherfucking Snakes on this motherfucking Plane!"

(Though, being US television it's beeped)

Jon Stewart: So... "What's the Plot?"

Snakes on a Plane is released tomorrow, but I may not be able to see it until next week. Eep.

Nobody tell me what it's about, I don't want to spoil it.

Get a Call from Samuel L. Jackson

On the Snakes on a Plane website, one can sign up to get a phone call from a virtual Sam Jackson (outside the US, the audio can only go by email). Here's the direct link. I created a call for Monica, and here it is!

Searching around, I see this got a mention a few days back over at Snakes on a Blog

I've included links to the various Snakes Goodness below. Enjoy!

This first one is a rather loud Fan Produced Video:

Next is the Music Video, with a guest spot from Sam Jackson:

Now for an official Trailer:

... the next one up is the Teaser Trailer

Next we have what is one of the best trailers (in my opinion) - it's simple and elegant, and tongue in cheek:

Then another fan produced trailer

Sam Jackson hi-jacks the MTV Movie Awards

Finally, Snake Safety on Aircraft

Snakes on a Plane

The Sam Jackson film with the incredibly silly (yet strangley compelling) premise has a trailer out.

Snakes on a Plane.... I love the sound of this. No pretensions at seriousness, just snakes. On a plane.

This is from the Snakes on a Plane Website:

There is a teaser trailer for the film out there right now - looks good.

There's another promo from Newline

Snakes on a Plane is getting a huge following on the net, despite the film not even being seriously promoted yet, as this article in the guardian discusses:

No possible cinematic good can come of a plot which revolves around an attempt to assassinate a mafia suspect, travelling under FBI protection, by smuggling several hundred deadly vipers, adders and constrictors aboard the aircraft transporting the miscreant to trial. This film - and nobody is pretending otherwise - will suck. It will blow. It will totally chomp, absolutely bite, and eat it raw. It is nonetheless guaranteed queues round the block, staggering opening week receipts, and colossal DVD sales. It is the talk of cyberspace. It has already spawned an extensive line in merchandise. Songs, poems, paintings and photo-montages have been created in its honour. And it's all because of the title. This self-evidently terrible, stupid, intelligence-mocking hound of a movie about snakes on a plane is called - with a contempt for its audience so undisguised that it has proved bizarrely endearing - Snakes On A Plane.

Snakes on a Blog is probably as good a place to start on the web as any.

When I saw the clips above, I have to admit to laughing out loud, especially with the teaser trailer. It looks hilarious, it looks fun. As I say, no pretensions to plot. Just snakes. On a Plane.

Snakes on a Plane is probably one of the first films that has been influenced in a huge way by the potential audience, as this article discusses, watch out for the line that there are (ahem) Motherloving snakes on the (ahem) motherloving plane!

Snakes on a Plane: Because a snake on a plane is worth two on the ground

I just love the quote which can be found on this site, especially 'The Sixth Sense' reference.

Finally, this site has a nice quote

...Hollywood is recycling movies that are long forgotten by the mainstream public and passing it off as cutting edge.

I am so desperate for real entertainment that I am going to fork over my money and see that Snakes on a Plane. Sure, it's stupid, it's just snakes on a plane. But hey, it's not a remake and there will be snakes and there will be a plane.

See also: Time Out New York and today's 'Time' magazine.

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Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane

Samuel L. Jackson appears on the US chatshow, 'Ellen', called 'Snakes on a Plane'.

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

You can play the following clips without leaving this site by hitting 'play' in the bottom left

There are two films (conveniently labelled part 1 and part 2).

There are a few other snippets (different clothes->different interview?)

See also: The Wikipedia article about the film and the Snakes on a Plane website (with not much detail at present).

However, what detail do you need? It's snakes. On planes.