Sin City

Sin City

Last night Monica and I went to see Sin City. This article may include spoilers. Actually, it mostly includes explanations of how things fit together - as it seems quite disjointed (but it really isn't).

We were totally unfamiliar with the story and didn't know what to expect going in, but it was a like a drawing for the eyes.

The film is a series of interwoven stories. Seperate, yet overlapping. The way of telling the story is perhaps reminscent of Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, though the look and feel is very different.

Mickey Rourke's 'Marv' is wonderfully craterfaced and chisel-chinned, on a vendetta to avenge a call girl who was murdered beside him as he slept and Elijah Wood plays a creepy serial killer, who kicks ten shades of something out of Mickey Rourke.

Bruce Willis plays a hard nosed cop, who's life becomes entangled in that of a little girl, Nancy, who he saves (who grows up to be Jessica Alba). Nancy knows Marv, he helped her out a few years before.

Clive Owen plays Dwight, who crosses paths with Marv only briefly in the bar where Nancy (Jessica Alba) works.

Dwight is involved with a woman who is being intimidated by a lowlife, who he seeks revenge upon - along with some women who Marv had already met.

There is a scene at the end in a lift (elevator for americans) which caused some head scratching - until we realised that the guy in the lift was the same guy who was in the, otherwise disconnected' pre-title sequence.

Not a film for everyone, but it was thoroughly enjoyable.