Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

I have been waiting to see 'Shaun of the Dead' for what seems like an age, and last night we finally got to see it.

Though for most people, Shaun has only been on their radar (if at all) for a week or so, I first heard about Shaun early last year. I was a bit concerned that I'd built up expectations in my mind about it, and would be disappointed. Not a bit of it. As far as I can recall I had not laughed as hard in a Cinema ever.

This Rom-Com-Zom has everything. Surprisingly good effects, and not just for a film of this budget - a well written script with genuine shocks and aching belly laughs.

Shaun was put together by the same team that makes the excellent channel four show, 'Spaced'. Virtually all of the cast in Spaced were in Shaun (though some had minor roles). Shaun was directed by Edgar Wright who also directed 'Spaced'.

Shaun is played by Simon Pegg, and is essentially a man who wanders through life in a Zombie like trance. The film starts in a slow way, introducing us to Shaun's world which slowly begins to disintegrate around him in a way that he barely notices.

Nick Frost plays Shaun's best friend, who is a likeable sponger with the social graces of a lobotomised tourettes patient.

As the film progresses, Shaun does what he can to survive the growing Zombie menace. Ending up an unlikely leader of a small group trying to survive.

There are excellent performances from everyone concerned, this is a highly recommended film. Some spoilers follow.

If you like 'Spaced' one can play the 'spot the actor game. There is also the cast of 'Black Books' in the film, though I didn't spot Bill Bailey - but he could easily have been a Zombie!

Watch out for the scene in the pub where they attack the Zombie to the backing of Queen playing 'Don't stop me Now'!

Don't go to the toilet when there is the scene with the girl in the garden. They spent a nice sum for that effects shot, don't miss it.

Watch the couple outside the pub.

I could go on... but I wouldn't know where to stop. See the film in the cinema!