TV reviews?

I've had an idea running around in my head, for a collaborative Film/TV review website.

This would be

  1. UK based.
  2. Have several people contributing (I'd try to work out how to produce an RSS feed for each author, to make it easier for them to grab their own stuff and feed it to their own sites if they wish) - though all content would be published under some form of creative commons licence (probably attributions, non commercial use or some variant).
  3. Would hide spoilers where needed (sorry, Artela)
  4. Have different shows in different categories (to allow easy reference) - if a show has no category then it'd be posted in 'uncategorised' and would be moved rapidly to a newly created category.
  5. Would be quite capricious in which shows are followed (i.e. if the posters lose interest in a show, it is not followed, we won't feel obliged to follow a show past the point of interest just because we followed it in the past)
  6. US shows which haven't been shown in the UK yet would not be barred. If anyone has (somehow) seen an advance copy of the show, maybe they've recently been to the US and seen it there, detailed reviews would be future dated to appear after transmission (where reasonable), or even saved as a draft for later activation. This wouldn't apply if writing a preview...
  7. The site would have a ratings system of some kind (ideally, to allow easy rating of the episode.... possibly to give feedback on the post)
  8. Would encourage authors not to review an episode where a review has been written, but instead to comment on that review. In this vein, the first act when starting a review would be to save an empty draft, so that others can see if anyone is working on a review.
  9. Would tend to have authors who preferred the same sort of shows (e.g. SF like Stargate, Who - Drama like The West Wing, Studio 60 (if it ever gets to the UK!) and so on ....)
  10. Would have no bar on someone writing about other shows (e.g. if someone really wanted to write about the latest episode of Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow.....)
  11. Would invite people to register and submit their own reviews.
  12. Speculation about the future of a show, and rants about a show would be fair game.

I could set up most of the above relatively easily (the layout is the part that takes longest, but that can be done over time...). The thing is, if I were to set up such a thing, it'd rely on having a 'core' on known authors, who would have permission to publish immediately. The first authors would be restricted to people who I've had contact with over time (and so I can be reasonably confident that they'll not turn it into a site advertising pharmaceutical or marital enhancing products. Several trusted users would have the ability to affect user permissions and to delete posts if needed.

The thing wouldn't go for 'complete', it'd go for the sort of thing that the sort of people who currently make up the authorship like. I.e. It'd evolve....

Would there be interest in such a site?

Would there be interest in contributing?