Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire Practice

Some more shooting this week, with a rapid fire exercise. First we had two shots to adjust the sightings (one of these was dead-centre, so that was encouraging). Then we had a group of 5. I got a half inch grouping all slightly right of centre, and so scored the maximum of 25.

It was downhill from there.

The next drill was up to 10 shots in a minute upon 2 targets. I only got off six. There were two main reasons, I had problems reloading in time (the bullet would occasionally jam instead of being pushed in by the bolt) and also my glasses went askew, meaning that I had some problems with the top rim of my glasses obscuring the view. The spread of shots was wide horizontally, and they were all low. I only had three in the black. This scored 6.

Then the snapshoot. This is a three second exposure of the target, with varying intervals between exposures (from 5 to 20 seconds). Each interval is represented once. I had three shots on the snap, with one visibly hitting the backing card (off the snap) - and one nowhere to be seen. There were the same problems that I had with the rapid shoot. I found the snaps harder to use with backing paper!

My overall score was 46 out of 95, which was, frankly, pants.

On the positive side, it's only the second time I've ever done any 'timed' exercises, the first was last week, so no big deal - the initial grouping was encouraging!