The Trouserless Dutch

Sponsorship deals have officially gone mad. If one turns up at a world cup game with anything bearing the logo of a competitor to the sponsor, it is denied entry. A Radio 5 Live commentator, for example, had the label ripped off his water bottle.

The is ridiculous, it annoys the individual, and would never be noticed by the TV audience.

Well, 1000 Dutch fans showed up all in orange, and wearing orange trousers which bore the logo of a dutch brewery. As Budweiser sponsor the world cup they were denied entry. The fans promptly removed their trousers and watched the game in their underpants!

This simultaneously highlights the absurdity of the rule (on TV can you really tell what brand an individual's trousers are?) as well as potentially providing publicity for the competitor.

A masterstroke. Well done the Dutch!

FIFA are saying this was an attempt to hijack the marketting - but even if it was, would it really have been noticed by the TV audience? In any event, they also say that they don't care what individual fans wear.... it's conceivable that 1000 fans could decide to wear the same type of orange trousers, it's not as if orange is that common in trousers!

The Dutch beer on the trousers was Bavaria, the beer is reviewed here.

Police in Oakland fire on protestors

In Oakland, near SanFrancisco, Police have opened fire on protesters in the docks area, according to some reports they opened fire because the number of protesters was growing rather than in response to some violence.

CNN carries some pictures of the incident, as does The Washington Post.

More information about some of the 'non lethal' weapons, such as the 'sting ball grenade' can be found online.