Prime Minister

Number 10 and Wordpress

Number 10 has modified their site to use WordPress, and it does look good. At first.

Unfortunately, they're not using the full power of WordPress - I note in particular that comments are switched off for everything at the same time that they're talking about 'dialogue'.

What I find particularly amusing is that the first, most obvious link on their homepage, which promises us "Number10TV" and the ability to "watch the PM’s introductory film." gives this result:

I think the phrase they need is 'Whoops'.

Epic Fail. Says it all really.

Original heads-up from

When starting from scratch (as opposed to migrating a site over from another URL or software system), there is really little excuse for broken links in WordPress, especially when you're paying developers to manage it for you. Hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, manage it quite comfortably.... and there is especially no excuse for a broken link on something that takes up half the screen on the homepage - the first thing people see.

Update: The 404 has been fixed.

Weasel Words from Number 10

Recently there was a petition to reduce the VAT on fruit juices with an aim to help people toward their 'five a day'. I thought this too modest myself, if you really want people to eat healthily why not remove the tax totally, making up for it in other areas? It's annoying that healthy is often expensive (as well as inconvenient... surely there is a market for the healthy takeaway/delivery service? - I suppose the difficulty is getting started) The government responded: 'To date the Government has been sparing in its use of VAT reduced rates and has only applied these where they are affordable, and provide the most effective and best-targeted support for the Government's social objectives when compared with other policy instruments.' - to me, that seems fair enough. I.e. it adds complexity without the gain.

However, here's the weasel words: Furthermore, European VAT rules require that in most cases, the same VAT rate is applied to all competing products. This limits the extent to which any new reduced rate could be targeted on the most healthy fruit drinks.

Rubbish! Are they really saying that most people don't know the difference between a cola and a glass of orange juice?

At the moment, all food (including things like hotdogs and crisps) is subject to a zero rate of tax. But people who want to make a healthy choice and buy smoothies and juices get taxed 17.5% VAT.

Are they really claiming that a fruit juice should not be classed as 'foodstuff'?


An odd conflux of news this morning. Overnight, in Georgia, the Prime Minister was found dead in his flat following a gas leak.

Just six hours earlier in the neighbouring Dagestan, a deputy interior minster was shot as he drove home in his car.

Probably a coincidence, but it gave me a little jolt this morning - especially given the focus on that other ex-soviet state, Ukraine.