Portugal knocks out England

So, Portugal are through at England's expense - though England did play well once Rooney was sent off. This brings with it several questions.

1) Why Theo Walcott? 2) Why don't we get Rooney sent off more often? 3) Finally, Why Theo Walcott?

In all seriousness, though we played well with 10 men, I can't really say it was the wrong result overall. We were unfortunate not to get one or two goals, but then so were Portugal.

I do think Rooney being sent off was the wrong decision (he had tangled legs, I don't think he trod on the guy intentionally). (Update: Admittedly, he did lose his cool - never a good plan, but if memory serves he was being provoked. I'd need to see it again to be sure)

Contrast England's reaction to being knocked out with Argentina's.