Fox puts Kerry ahead by 2%

It is in the margin of error, but Fox - known for its Republican views(*), has reported that in their poll Kerry is ahead by 2%.

*The trailer at Moveon.org 'outfoxed' compilation is worth a look.

This was put together for the film, 'outfoxed'.

The site has a wonderful quote from a Fox Journo:

"It's unfair, it's slanted and it's a hit job. And I haven't even seen it yet."

Though in every effort not to appear neutral (heaven forfend), the article finishes with 'Am I going to go with a Massachusetts liberal or a Texas ranger?'

One of the commenters here points out that 'I think we should watch what the Faux News folks say today. This is very likely rigged for a "Get out there and make us liars" message'

In related news, a deputy in Florida is reported to have punched a journalist who was 'was enforcing a new county rule prohibiting reporters from interviewing or photographing voters lined up outside the polls'. According to the Yahoo article, 'the law prohibits police from standing in the immediate vicinity of polling stations unless they are voting or called in to handle a disturbance.'

There is a helpful article here for people who have not received absentee ballots in time

The latest electoral vote projections are here - the methodology has been to use the last dated poll published. Over the past month there have been major swings as the margins are wafer thin across a range of states.

Let us just hope that the election does turn out to be free and fair, and that no skullduggery takes place. I won't hold my breath for this, especially when the person in charge of the election in a state can be partisan.