Peter Crouch

The Robot

England beat Jamaica six-nil, with a Hattrick from Peter Crouch. A good prelude to the World Cup, as long as they don't get cocky.

Last week, Peter Crouch got a bit of a ribbing for his 'Robot' routine when playing Hungary. This was both in the media and on the pitch - it looked like the other players turned their backs on him - he has been getting a ribbing for a little while

This weekend it seemed to be rather more self aware, he did 'the robot', but I thought that there was a hint of 'knowingness' about it, a bit of a twinkle in his eye - possibly sticking two fingers at the people who spent more time criticising for his post-goal celebrations than anything else. It was also cut short - as if to say 'I know I've had a ribbing about this, but I've just scored, get over it'

He's shown he can cut the mustard in the national team, and the post goal performance was just right to stick two fingers up at the critics. Anything longer and it's tiresome, anything less and he says 'Okay, you got to me'.

He's made his point. Now, please, please stoppit! To continue the robot dance into the World Cup will probably get really old, really quickly. He might see it as his trademark, but it's not a long term option. People will tire of it soon. (I tired after the first goal yesterday). Now, concentrate on the football, let that be your trademark.

With post-goal celebrations, I'd like spontaneity, not preplanned stuff, please. A lot of the focus seems to be on what happens AFTER the goal, and not what lead up to it.