As someone who likes tournament footie, we watched the England-Paraguay match on the big screen at the local Odeon. It was a bit of a family affair (no alcohol), and due to the lack of alcohol it wasn't full, but there was a nice atmosphere. Flags were handed out at the door, and lots of people brought their own to drape over the chairs. We watched on HD, not ITV (or BBC or whoever it was that was showing it), they did not have the standard clock/score overlay in the top left, which was annoying at times.

That shot from Beckham was magnificent (an own goal as it went in off a defender), unfortunately it was a bit downhill from there, not surprising given the heat.

There were people in the crowd calling for free-kicks which obviously weren't, but the Mexican referee did not have a good game, and his errors seemed to go in Paraguay's favour most of the time. It seemed that Peter Crouch was guilty of 'Footballing Whilst Tall'. There were several clear cut cases of diving which went completely unchecked, at one point a Parguayan jumped up near the goal having fallen, saw the ball was going wide, and then fell over again.

Some will be questioning that Michael Owen was taken off, if memory serves didn't he get some sort of knock to his ankle? Sven could have been protecting him for the next match.

The game was fairly plodding (after the first few minutes), but we cannot really complain, 3 points are in the bank. We watched Sweden-Trinidad and Tobago in the local pub, Trinidad and Tobago did really well to hold against Sweden for the draw (especially with a man down. This was a good result for England. We missed most of the last game of the day (Argentina vs. Ivory Coast).

Today, the matches are: Serbia and Montenegro vs. Netherlands (two on one? Seems unfair... I'll be supporting NL) Mexico vs. Iran (I'll be supporting Iran, as the Mexican referee for England/Paraguay disappointed) Angola vs. Portugal (I'll probably support the underdog, Angola, here).