Flying Mannequin - Sad Mannequin

Flying MannequinSad Mannequin It's been a little while since I posted any of my doodlings directly on this site. Here is one that I finished literally within the last hour or so. The main figure for both is in ink, and the background of the flying mannequin is acrylic paint.

Unfortunately I only remembered after I started putting the colour in that I was using regular waterbased ink and not noodlers, and so the ink began to run and I had to redraw lots of lines from the figure itself. Ah well, live and learn.

Watercolour Field Kit

My new watercolour field kitThis is my lovely new watercolour field kit which I bought and tested today. It comes in a little box and folds out to reveal a brush, waterbottle, mixing trays and twelve small pans of watercolour. There is also a cup which comes in handy and a thumb loop, so the whole thing can be held on one hand, and that hand is still relatively free to grab things.

A lovely design.

Watercolour Castles

Guildford CastleAfter work today I walked down to the local old building, a castle, and sketched it. I'd just acquired a 'field kit' of watercolour paints and was eager to try them out - I have only used watercolour a few times in the past - and have not used them for a decade or so (though I have used watercolour pencils).

As I haven't posted a picture in a little while, allow me to say that I'm not claiming these are any good - I'm trying to teach myself how to draw things - and I am posting them to hopefully show progress over time.

Skimble in Colour

When I reached for the moleskine this evening, I knew I wanted to draw, but didn't know what.

I looked around to see skimble laying on top of the sofa, motionless. She was looking away from me and I decided to give it a go.

Skimble in colour

I am really, really pleased with this. Despite the cat looking away, it's recognisably a cat. I think it's also recognisably my cat, and that's a big thing for me. When Skimble is resting she goes incredibly flat, and I think this has been captured.

I'm really feeling very bouncy about this picture, it's a buzz!

Granted, there is probably lots wrong with it, but for now, for right now, I don't care.

Watercolour Sunset

Watercolour SunsetThis was my first real trial with the watercolour pencils. It's an imaginary scene. I first did the sky, then the land and sea. A wash was applied, and once dry I added detail like the boat. The slightly grey discolourations at the bottom are due to the moleskine paper being buckled slightly and lifting off the scanner. They are not visible on the original.

What am I pleased with? The sky and the boat. I also like the birds, but they were easy.

What am I not pleased with? The land.

I'm unsure about the water and reflections...

Tonal Chart

tonal chartThis is the tonal chart which I did today. The squiggles to the right are an experiment where I dipped the pencil point into some water before drawing. Now that it has dried, I can't see much difference! I also did a test where I drew onto wet paper, this dried leaving a sort of discoloured area around the pencil line. On moleskine paper this effect doesn't seem to work that well.

Soon I shall try to use the pencils properly, but when I do it'll be dry, or wet on dry - possibly wet point. I certainly won't be doing dry on wet.

Colour Chart

Colour ChartI had my first real play with my new watercolour pencils today. Rather than launch straight in I spent some time making a colour chart, I wanted to get a feel for how they mixed. I only have 12 colours, so I made a grid and put a dash of each colour in each square (yes, this'd give duplication, but so what?). I then applied water to wach blob and blended a little.

I discovered that I got the nicest effect if one did not over-blend, as the result dried a little messily, if one went with the pencil the effect was quite pleasant.

My next test will be a black and white ink drawing with water applied, I think, I want to find a suitable subject and some time first.

I'm using Derwent Watercolour pencils in a large moleskine sketchbook.


I've decided that I need to get a bit arty and craft... so I've bought some art things. I'm getting a moleskine sketch book from mojo, and have today bought a rotring art pen, some permanent ink art pens, some derwent watercolour pencils and some 'water pens'.

I did a little sketching during a mini break, and frankly I need lots of practice. The plan is to try and do at least one 'best attempt' every few days. Nothing major, small piece. If it works, great.