New Year

Lack of Posts

I've not posted much of late. I've just not felt the urge. There's a bit of a malaise at murky internet HQ. It's not as if I've had nothing to say, not least of which is to do with the incompetence surrounding the seemingly never-ending data losses (why should a low-ranking civil servant have the ability to download 25 million records at once? It's reasonably trivial to limit access so they can get records only one at a time - This has never been explained). I don't have a problem with the 'people make mistakes' - I do have a problem with the systems allowing this particular mistake.

I think it's the end of year lull. I'm always a little underwhelmed with December. It's all the forced jollity and people buying things for people which the recipient doesn't really want, only to receive back something they don't really want. It seems so futile.


Then there's New Year.

New Year is never an event in and of itself for me, as it's tied up with my Birthday. This means I each affects the other. When I was a kid, the stroke of midnight got me the bumps - by pissed people. I've hit the ceiling a few times! Also, New Year and Birthday sort of roll together, I envied people who could have a birthday at some point mid year...

These days I've managed to foster the rule that my birthday doesn't start until after sleep happens, but everything is still tied up somehow.

This year I'm 35.

So, what do I do on my birthday? So far, have a cup of tea, look at the internet and have another cup of tea.


New Year in India

See previous and next. Date: 31st December, 2005 Place: Kolkata

Monica was a little unwell in the morning, which was a bit of an inconvenience. Anupam arrived at around noon with some medicine for her. The plan for the day was to go to 'Science City' , but instead we went straight to Monica's Mum's flat. On the way, we saw a poor chap with leprosy, a truly horrible disease. The skin on his hand had gone, leaving the flesh raw and exposed. At the hotel, there was a donation box for leprosy relief, and I made sure that we put a chunk of change in there. Apparently the disease is quite difficult to catch, it needs a depressed immune system.

Anupam, Shejomashi and IWe popped into the flats of Monica's aunties today, seeing Shejomashi (third aunt) and then Boromashi (elder aunt).

Shejomashi was quite concerned that I was not to be bitten by mosquitos, and so fanned me for the whole time I was there!

Back at the hotel, we were not really up to partying the night away - we had a long day of travel ahead, and we were both a bit under the weather. A loud party at the back of the hotel did not keep us awake. Vey boring, but very necessary.