Computer Mouse

Charcoal sketch of my computer mouseWhen I went into the art shop yesterday, I came away with (among other things) a small stick of charcoal. The charcoal is quite firm to hold, not flakey as I imagined it might be, and so into the pencil tin it went.

I did an earlier sketch with charcoal (not on this site) and was too delicate. It ended up looking pencil-ish. I decided to start again, this time with a darker subject, I looked around me at the black LCD screen, black keyboard, black PC.... and settled on the mouse.

I started with a faint outline - I was making the same mistake again. I then decided to be bold. The charcoal went on dark. This was fun!

What's good about the end result? The dark tones, love it.

What could be better? The perspective is shot to hell in a handcart. I know, I'll call it cubist.

The other good buy yesterday? Fixative spray. A quick blast and the thing is touch safe. Miraculous stuff! Especially vital when the work it to have other pages rubbing up against it in a moleskine!