Michael Bay


Last night I took myself off to see 'Transformers' - a little behind the times, perhaps. I quite enjoyed it, but it didn't really satisfy. At times the camera moved too fast to see who was doing what to whom, and one transformer looked pretty much like another to me. In the street battle, one transformer rips another apart, but I didn't know who was ripping who apart at the time - although I think it was an autobot being ripped (one certainly winds up dead at the end).

Some of the action shots were pretty astounding, but others simply didn't work (that white blasty thing was so effective, I did wonder why the decepticons didn't use it all the time).

With the whole premise being that they wanted to make the transformers look like they COULD transform for real, the centre of the film being a giant cube which could shrink and be carried about by a smallish bloke stretched credulity somewhat - and the opening/closing monologues were way too twee for me.

I liked the three or four autobots trying to remain unseen outside whitwickies house (was that his name?), but it stretched credulity to have a decepticon slink off Air Force One unseen after a major alert when the floodlights were on it and was surrounded by armed guards. In a film whose major premise already involved suspending disbelief, credulity is something that can be stretched too far.

It wasn't a great film, but is was a pleasant enough way to pass a few hours.

And Optimus Prime with lips? Isn't he supposed to have a faceguard?