Hard Rock, Hallelujah!

So, Finland won the Eurovision.... excellent.

Each year, we have a little event, a Eurovision party if you will. We award marks for 'style, song, totty value and cheese factor'.

Although not scoring well for 'totty', the Finnish entry was off the scale in other areas, it was pure Eurovision, it didn't take itself too seriously, it wasn't a ballad... and there was no skirt being ripped off (it was novel when Bucks Fizz did it, now they all do it).

My second favourite was the Lithuanian entry 'We are the winner, of Eurovision' - I just admired the cheek of this, and the bald guy dancing was a sight to behold.

Terry Wogan, I felt, wasn't on top form this year, but he still provided some good comic value.

If you watch it for the music, Eurovision is a bit of a disappointment - so in the UK we mostly watch it for the comedy.

The best bit of the contest is the voting. 'And the 12 points from Germany goes to.... Turkey!'

There are discussions about reforming the voting system in the Eurovision to eliminate the block vote. For me, this would remove much of the entertainment value, and would ultimately be fruitless as nations will always be closer socially to some that to others (even though this may change with time). I'm all for removing bias in the system when it comes to politics, but with Eurovision it's the bias that gives it the entertainment factor. What the voting did show was the the UK and Ireland both don't take Eurovision seriously, and vote purely on comic value. We each gave 10 or 12 points to Lithuania or Finland, with the UK 12 to Finland and the Irish to Lithuania.