Bikeathon Completed

My Bikeathon Medal

So, I did the 26 mile (46.2km actually according to my cycle computer) Bikeathon, having cycled some 20km to get to the train in the first place due to engineering works, another 8km at the other end to and from the station, and then 5km from the train station home (I used a different station).

My New Bike and the Thames Barrier

It was a nice route, well signposted, with only one unclear part on the return leg. The route took me from Chelsea, up to Smithfield Market, around the Isle of Dogs, then to the Thames Barrier. Evans cycles were there, and they did a 'tune up' of the bike (a new bike should be checked after some distance, and this was a free check!).

The route returned through the City (I stopped in Evans Cycles' City branch as I'd lost a bolt on my cycle rack, the tuneup people didn't have a spare. The guy in the City branch gave me a new bolt in goodwill). Kudos to Evans Cycles for being helpful without fuss or bother. This earned them a lot of goodwill. Okay, admittedly that was the point of them sponsoring the event and doing their 'surgeries' - but the guy in the City branch didn't have to sort out my rack for me.

As the end of the course approached, I did feel weary - but Monica was there to meet me, which was most welcome.

Returning home, she wasn't on a bike, so I cycled to Clapham Junction whilst she walked and took the bus. I got there in plenty of time, allowing me to refuel with a pastie. She arrived in the nick of time and we both got the same train home.

There were engineering works for our station, so Monica got off 20km away and used the train replacement bus service. I was tired and so stayed on the train (which went down a different branch) and cycled 5km back. She arrived just before me, I was slow.

On the way back, I was almost taken out by a guy in a black estate car who decided to emerge the wrong way from a one-way street at a high speed as I was about to cross it (having looked that way and then, seeing it was one-way, concentrated on the cars coming from the right). This wouldn't have been a good end to the day - but fortunately, he missed. There are some real dangers out there. This wasn't a function of the bike though, he was at a speed to have been a danger to crossing pedestrian or any other road-user.

Anyhow. I've got a medal... I wore it all evening as I dozed. That's not tragic, is it?

My sponsorship site is still open (until October this year), so please visit it to help Leukaemia Research.

My Charity Ride is tomorrow

I'm about to turn in as I have an early start tomorrow for my Charity Bicycle Ride.

I have to cycle for about 10 miles in order to catch the train into London (there are engineering works). I will then get off at Clapham Junction and Cycle to Chelsea.

At 10am, people will start to head off. We'll be going east, over the river, back over at Blackfriars, then via a diversion to Farringdon, we'll head east, around the Isle of Dogs, and then turning around at the Thames Barrier to head back west.

It'll be 26 miles in total - for the offical event. I'll then cycle to Clapham Junction, get off the train and cycle another 10 miles home.

All told, I'll be surprised if my tally for the day is under 50 miles.

This will be the first serious outing for my New World Tourist, though I have been out on it for about 20km before.

I can be sponsored at this site - all proceeds to Leukaemia Research. Go on, click the link, you know you want to...

New World Tourist and Leukaemia

Assuming my New World Tourist is not delayed, I shall be using it to cycle across London in aid of Leukaemia research. It's a good cause, and you can help out by going to my page for the event. UK taxpayers can even tick a box and automatically their donation gets a boost from the taxman. Any donations go directly to Leukaemia Research, so please consider putting a little currency into the collecting pot.

Also, do pass on the link to people who you think might help. Thank you.