Leonardo di Caprio

The aviator

Last weekend we went to see the aviator, and it was only when I saw another site that I remembered I had not recorded this. I would echo many of the sentiments in the linked post above. The film was... 'nice'. Some of the characterisations were fun - Leo as Hughes was very good, especially when in the grip of his disorder. The film was dramatically let down by the cgi. Audiences are now more sophisticated - if you want to show me a shot of a plane approaching and then zoom in to the pilot's eyeball, then it had better be one damned convincing plane. A lot of the cgi was cgi-for-the-sake-of-cgi, not good.

Mistakes in cgi are things which tend to pull me out of the moment and that's not what's intended.

For example, when I see a spiderman film I want to see a guy in a lycra suit swinging about, not an extract from a playstation game!

The aviator will undoubtedly win some oscars, but I honestly don't believe it's worthy of them, with the possible exception of di Caprio - though I haven't seen the competing films yet.

For my money, the best films of 2004 were 'The Incredibles' (though a 'kiddies' film, it was phenomenal) and the wonderful 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. Though I've not seen it, I hope Hotel Rwanda does well, as I want to see it and haven't had the chance!