King Kong

King Kong

Rather behind schedule, we saw King Kong yesterday. I did want to see it when in India but we could not find the time (the trailer showed Anne of the Empire state shouting 'Nehi!!!!' (Hindi) at the aeoplanes) Everyone know the plot - It's an old story. Ape kidnaps girl, girl screams, Ape tries to eat girl, girl runs away. Ape catches girl, Girl amuses Ape. Formal introductions. Ape meets girl, Girl meets Ape. Jeopardy. Ape wins girl's heart. Ape captured. Ape escapes. Ape and girl meet up. Ape and girl run off into the sunset. Ape falls off tall building. Everyone knows the plot, but how well is it executed?

On the whole, pretty well. Kong is believable, and well rendered. There are a couple of places where the compositiing doesn't quite work, the various picture elements seem pasted together rather than part of the same shot, but most of it is seamless. The virtual New York is very believable.

The dinosaur stampede sequence stretched credulity somewhat, but not so much that it was impossible to go with - the insecty bug things could have been safely cut though (killing off those characters in the stampede).

There was a scene in the trailers which seems to have been missed in the film. The one where they're on the beach filming and Jack Black says 'Scream, Anne, Scream!', Kong replies. Of course, I might have blinked and missed it.

Andy Serkis, poor lamb, has yet to have a character that survives a Peter Jackson film! (Okay, Gollum survives through to Return of the King, but it depends if you fez the three films as distinct or part of a larger whole).