Journalism in Iraq

According to the Guardian, the war in Iraq has been the most dangerous ever for Journalists, and an International Press Freedom group has suggested that Journalists may be being targetted. In this war, there has been a push toward embedding Journalists rather than having full independence. Looking back at earlier articles reminds us that the Pentagon suggested the military would target journalists using the satellite phones as they could not differentiate them from radar, we also see articles discussing how embedding might work in practice. Claims remain that non embedded journalists are being targetted.

Electronic Iraq writes about the bombing of the Al Jazeera offices in Baghdad, and the BBC writes about the hotel attack.

The Americans are claiming that they fired on Journalists hotel as they were being fired upon, a few days ago Blunkett verbally attacked the media coverage in Iraq, one could imagine that he would not wish any reporting at all from inside Iraq. He specifically mentioned AlJazeera as a puppet of the regime, this was shortly before AlJazeera's disagreement with Baghdad.

Two Polish Journalists who were taken captive at an Iraqi checkpoint have escaped with the help of an Iraqi teacher.

Meanwhile, Blunkett has said that there may be no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, what's the betting that if this is the case then this was will have been about something else all along?

Update: Just as this was uploaded, I noticed a story about 'Jubilation in Baghdad' if this is true, then it could be the beginning of the end, though the end could be a long drawn out affair, as this report from Afghanistan shows.