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Doctor Horrible Act 3

The third and final act of Doctor Horrible is online. It will be available until the end of the weekend, and then it'll be gone. Never to re-appear, unless, y'know, you buy the DVD, download it off itunes or illegally pirate it.... erm. Well, if you want to watch it legally and for free you have this weekend.

It did feel like there should be more.... maybe there will be?

Highspots without spoilers:

  • 'She's got that quiet, nerdy thing, not my usual, but nice.'
  • We get to see Bad Horse!
  • Grr, Argh! is back.

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Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Annoyingly, I simply cannot watch Doctor Horrible at Doctor Horrible.Com .

Doctor Horrible is the latest project from Joss Whedon. Made without backing from a studio and released online.

When I try and view it I get the message 'This Video is not available at this site' message - I think that, the video hosting service, have restricted it to US subscribers only, at least that's what I thought until I saw that people all over the world have been commenting on how great it is.

Ack. There's a buzz out there about this Joss Whedon project, and I'n stuck on the other side of the glass looking in.


Hang on a cotton picking second.... I wonder..... if... No... it can't be that simple....?

Fantastically, I've just worked it out - it was something to do with Firefox. It opened in the dreaded MSIE (browser conflicts are pretty rare these days, previously it would've been the first thing I'd have checked).

Nice opening - the evil laugh - and I want one of those big chairs at the end of Act 2.

It's really good stuff, musically very similar to a certain well known episode of Buffy (of course) - thoroughly enjoyed it.

Felicia Day played a novice slayer in Buffy, and has recently starred in the online series, 'The Guild' - the first episode of which is here.

Doctor Horrible, played by Neil Patrick Harris was the lead in Doogie Howser MD. Nathan Fillion appeared as a bad guy in Buffy, has 'Mal' in Firefly and Serenity, and as one of the leads in the ill-fated 'Drive'.

Doctor Horrible is free to watch online for a few days, and then it's gone - having built the hype it'll then re-emerge on DVD and itunes.

Random Reviews:

'Serenity' cheap at Amazon

Serenity [2005]Firefly - The Complete Series [2003]The excellent 'Serenity', a feature film based on the equally excellent 'Firefly', is available quite cheaply at Amazon right now. As I write it is below the six quid mark. I thought 'Serenity' was a great film, it was written to both please people familiar with 'Firefly', as well as introducing new viewers to the world.

It didn't get the recognition it deserved at the time, which was a shame, but it's well worth picking up on DVD.

Given the choice, I'd recommend that people watch 'Firefly' before 'Serenity', as the latter ties up some loose ends in the former.

Serenity on DVD

Serenity is released on DVD today. Serenity is an excellent, if little known film, from the mind of Joss Whedon (of Buffy fame). It is based on the wonderful series Firefly. Both Serenity and Firefly are well worth checking out.

I ordered my copy of Serenity a few months ago. It should be with me in very short order, but not immediately as I've also ordered 'Night Watch', a Russian film released on DVD next month.

The Serenity DVD is available at Amazon UK and also at Amazon USA.

Film 2005

The BBC's Film 2005 has a Film of the Year poll at the moment. Looking around the Film 2005 site, I see that I have used almost the exact phrase that Ross did in his review. Ah well, that rules me out of winning a baseball cap! This is my entry: Serenity, the film based on the sadly cancelled Firefly, was an enormous writing achievement by Joss Whedon. Not only was there the superb piece of politicing involved in getting the thing made (helped by a surge in DVD saled for Firefly), but Joss had to write the film to satisfy those familiar with Firefly as well as avoiding alienating those who were not.

This was pulled off with applomb.

The film gave a genuine sense of jeopardy, as well as the sense that nobody, not even the 'Firefly Favourites' was truly safe. Indeed, as someone familiar with 'Firefly', I was surprised and to be honest slightly shocked, when a character who was very familiar to me was dispatched.

My wife, who was less familiar with 'Firefly' was equally surprised. It did give the film some genuine urgency, I thought that 'Whedon is going out with a bang, he is going to kill them all!'

If only the three star wars films had been a third as good.

My only regret about this film is that it didn't get the attention that it so richly deserved.


At long last, Serenity is on the way - it opens in the UK this weekend. This is easily my most anticipated film of the last couple of years (moreso than Kong). I already have my tickets for the film.

Serenity is based on Firefly, a show that did poorly on TV mainly because the US TV execs messed it about a lot, different times each week - even the dedicated had a hard time finding it. It looked like Firefly was dead, but strong DVD sales due to word of mouth recommendations gave the execs pause for thought, and in what must be an unprecedented move they made a film from the recently cancelled show. This is something for which they should be applauded. I got my DVD set back in April last year, as soon as I could!

If you have never seen Firefly, watch Serenity and then seek out the Firefly DVDs for the backstory, if you have seen Firefly chances are that you will already be planning on seeing Serenity! The film has (apparently) been written to satisfy those familiar with Firefly and at the same time bring in those who aren't. Joss Whedon has said that the film was his toughest writing task to date. The buzz amongst those who have seen it is good - but I am avoiding reading reviews myself (as such there are no spoilers linked from this article, but you could try clicking on the tags below for up to the minutes news).

A trailer is available via, as well as at the Serenity web site .


The Serenity Trailer is available from Serenity is a film based upon Joss Whedon's Firefly, which I've written about here.

The trailer is excellent, River gets to not 'hide in the corner a lot', and we get to see a little of the River we saw in the series when she used a gun...

The one thing I didn't note in the trailer is the 'Firefly' theme. I have my fingers crossed that this isn't excised from the finished film.

Serenity is the film I've looked forward to most in years. It's marked in my diary in big letters. Apparently it was one of Joss' toughest writing jobs ever, he had to cater for people who had never seen Firefly, as well as those who were very familiar with it.

Some may opt to see Firefly after the film, but to my mind - it cannot be a bad thing to have familiarity with one of the best shows which has been produced in recent years. The enjoyment of Firefly now far outweighs the enjoyment of it in six months time!

Take my love, take my land....

Angel and Buffy

So, it appears that the excellent series, 'Angel', has received the chop from Warner Brothers in the US.

A shame, Angel at it's best could be as good as, if not better than Buffy.

There have been whispers online that Joss Whedon could have plans for a combined Angel/Buffy movie once both series have finished, this is in a similar vein to Firefly, which is coming out on DVD in Region 2 by the way. Firefly - The Complete Series [2002]

One can only hope. Though don't hold your breath - I'm still waiting for 'Ripper'!


Firefly, a show by Joss Whedon of Buffy fame, is coming to the UK. It will premier on the SciFi channel on May 18th.

Firefly was messed about a bit by Fox in the US, and was shown out of order. Lo and behold, it didn't get the audience which many say it deserved and it got cancelled.

However, the show is eagerly awaited nonetheless. I for one hope that they managed not to leave too many loose ends!