John Ratzenberger

Hamm and DVD weakness

I've just done the 'Which Toy are you' quiz on the Toy Story 2 DVD. It was with worrying inevitability that I was classed as 'Hamm' (that's the moneybox voiced by John Ratzenberger) I'm not sure what is more worrying, the fact that the result was Hamm, or that I saw it coming.

Or that I did the quiz in the first place. Or commented on it here.

I was a bit extravagent with DVDs today, the local HMV had a load on offer. I got some Pixar, Spartacus, Kill Bill (vols 1 and 2), and some classic movies such as Ice Cold in Alex, A Bridge too Far, The Desert Fox, The Desert Rats and so forth (there was a boxed set of such films, I grabbed it).

I love some of those old films, I recently acquired a few others like 'Reach for the Sky', and 'Above us the Waves' and 'The Longest Day'. The really great thing is that though I can recall some of these without prompt ('Ice Cold in Alex' has long been a favourite film, and I'm so pleased to have it on DVD), for a lot of these half forgotten titles discovering the DVD is like seeing the film afresh - almost as new. I'm holding back the John Mills and Sylvia Sims goodness that is Ice Cold in Alex for a hot day, when I know I've a cold beer (probably not Carlsberg) waiting for me in the fridge.

I'll drink the beer with John Mills at the end. It'll be worth the wait.