John Mills

Ice Cold in Alex

Ice Cold In Alex [1958]We've just rewatched this fantastic film on DVD, it's probably my favourite film of all time. It seems that every moment is iconic, from Anthony Quayle holding up Katy as the rocks slowly crush, to the ad-man's wet dream of the bar scene at the end. John Mills is fantastic in the film as Capt. Anson, and the film maintains it's focus throughout.

Lovely stuff.

Hamm and DVD weakness

I've just done the 'Which Toy are you' quiz on the Toy Story 2 DVD. It was with worrying inevitability that I was classed as 'Hamm' (that's the moneybox voiced by John Ratzenberger) I'm not sure what is more worrying, the fact that the result was Hamm, or that I saw it coming.

Or that I did the quiz in the first place. Or commented on it here.

I was a bit extravagent with DVDs today, the local HMV had a load on offer. I got some Pixar, Spartacus, Kill Bill (vols 1 and 2), and some classic movies such as Ice Cold in Alex, A Bridge too Far, The Desert Fox, The Desert Rats and so forth (there was a boxed set of such films, I grabbed it).

I love some of those old films, I recently acquired a few others like 'Reach for the Sky', and 'Above us the Waves' and 'The Longest Day'. The really great thing is that though I can recall some of these without prompt ('Ice Cold in Alex' has long been a favourite film, and I'm so pleased to have it on DVD), for a lot of these half forgotten titles discovering the DVD is like seeing the film afresh - almost as new. I'm holding back the John Mills and Sylvia Sims goodness that is Ice Cold in Alex for a hot day, when I know I've a cold beer (probably not Carlsberg) waiting for me in the fridge.

I'll drink the beer with John Mills at the end. It'll be worth the wait.