Joe Lieberman

Lieberman and Lamont

American Politics. It holds an interest for me, it's a strange and exotic animal with all kinds of peculiar ways. A bit like a platypus.

However, as with a platypus I don't watch it's every move. When it does something interesting, I perk up a bit and say things like 'Look at that platypus'. I might even spend some time watching it to try and predict what the platypus might do next, or research into how the platypus got where it is now.

Occasionally the platypus does something interesting and I miss it, and nobody around me seems to have seen it either.

It's like that with Lieberman and Lamont.

Lieberman ran for Vice President a few years back. He lost (to Bush(!)) and then disappeared off the radar as far as I was concerned.

In the past week his name has popped up all over the place as he's being trounced by a guy called Lamont in some race (I think the race to become a democratic senatorial candidate). I get the sense that there is some Schadenfreude in the air, but as I'm coming in on the end of it, everything I can find is telling me about what the platypus is doing now, not what it did to get here....

So my questions are these:

  1. Why is Lieberman being trounced?
  2. Who is Lamont
  3. Why is everyone seemingly so pleased to see Lieberman trounced?

Any detail/links that could be supplied would be gratefully received.