So long and Thanks for All the Fish

We've just got back from seeing Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Let me start by saying that I'm not a massive died-in-the-wool fan of the books. Some people I know will be surprised by that, and I may well find myself shunned for a while. Yes, I've read the books, but cannot recall every last little detail. The thing on television was quite amusing, and the radio 4 adaptations sort of, well, passed me by.

I did try and listen to the latest R4 adaptation of the later books, and found them a little dull.

Nevertheless, off we went to HHGTTG at the cinema. It was quite entertaining, got the major bits of the book covered. There were a few nods toward the BBC series (hint: look at the members of the queue). I did enjoy the anticipation of the 'classic' theme, and the opening title sequence is wonderful.

On the whole, the film raised a few chuckles, was enjoyable, but was by no means a masterpiece.

... a bit like the original really.

I think the thing with HitchHikers is that things seemed to be put in simply because they're silly and unlikely - and whilst this is okay in limited doses, Hitchhikers has way too much of it for my tastes.

Shall I get my coat now?

However, I did get to see Darth Vader in the 'Orange Film Commission' advert ('I'm not sure we'd want to see a 3 hour epic about the Sith Lords' YES, YES WE WOULD Mr. ORANGE-FILM-COMMISSION BLOKE!)