Zhang Ziyi as Moon and Maggie Cheung Ma-Yuk as  Snow

We have just returned from seeing 'Hero'. It's a lovely piece of cinema, very visual. Balletic swordplay with a phenomenal use of colour to help keep the audience oriented within the story.

To western eyes it is very much in the mold of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' - with improbable wire work galore. All of this rather defeats the point - and that is to add to the wonder of the tale being told. It's a film that can be summarised quite rapidly - and I'll refrain from doing this too much, the following paragraph may hint though, so you might want to skip down.

The film was made in China, and as Lord of the Rings was for New Zealand, its a good advert for the variety of landscapes within the country. Its particularly interesting to note the parallel between the message of the film regarding the importance of a strong leadership and modern China.

Taken as a spectacle, it is a beautiful piece. This is something that, if you're planning to see, it's best to see at the cinema.

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