Der Plane! Der Plane!

After what seems like an age, today is the day when Monica lands at Heathrow. It's now late (or early, depending upon the point of view) and I know I'm going to have trouble sleeping. Sufficed to say, don't expect too many updates during the day. In the morning I'll be sorting the house out a bit, and in the afternoon I shall be making cups of tea and trying to keep her awake to get her back into the right timezone.

I know that tea isn't the best thing for that... maybe high caffeine soft drink.

This all rather assumes that she doesn't fall asleep instantly, in which case, there may be as many updates as yesterday.

Update: Monica landed on time, and she was surprisingly awake. As she flew east to west it was effectively a fairly long day for her, and she stayed awake until near the usual time. She should be back in the right timezone very quickly.