Iceland - Day 2 - Reykjanes Peninsula

Date: 24th July 2008

We began with a trip to Perlan (the artificial geyser runs from noon until 4pm - we were early). We had a look around and then headed out of town. We took the 42 south past Klerfarvatn. This can be a great road, but as we approached we had horizontal rain and poor visibility. It's a gravel road, and where the tarmac ends there is a steep climb. When we took this road before we had trepidation, but it was fine. Gravel roads in Iceland are usually pretty good (with a couple of exceptions, hire cars are allowed on them, but not allowed on the F roads)

As we left Klerfarvatn the weather cleared up just in time for our stop at Seltún. This is a spot in the Krýsuvík geothermal area. We missed it when we first looked for it in 2006. The trick is to realise that if you see the turning to Grindavík, you've gone too far. It's near the start of the tarmac road (why do some roads in Iceland have a tarmac bit miles from anywhere, which can only be got to be going over gravel?)


We visited Seltún for its geothermal and bubbly goodness, and then took the road to Grindavík, stopping at Krýsuvíkurkirkja, a little church not far from the junction.


From there we stopped by the road side for some rock structures (common in Iceland), and ended up in Grindavík. Now this is a town which doesn't look much, but it did grow on me by the time we came back at the end of the holiday (final night). It has some nice food, petrol station (important!), and a geothermal pool. We took some lunch in a place by the harbour - a reasonably priced buffet affair, then went over the road to look at the Salt Fish museum.

Continuing around the peninsula, we stopped at the 'Bridge between Continents'. It's there solely to give a target for tourists driving around this peninsula. It's a bridge over a small rift which seperates the North American tectonic plate and the Eurasian plate. The rift is much wider at

'Bridge Between Continents' Björn

Back in Reykjavík we got ready to go over to see Björn, who was our gracious host for the evening. He had prepared great big steaks of Icelandic lamb for us - very simply done, and very tasty. We committed geek-talk.

Then, we dropped Mum back at the hotel, and Monica, Björn and I all went out to downtown Reykjavík. We ended up in a bar called b5. It was a 'trendy' kind of place, and I felt quite scruffy in there... but still, I didn't have a smart change of clothes, so...

LampshadeBottles in B5

It was quite pricey in there, but the Mojito was good. The bar is trendily lit, and had a horse as a lampshade. The music choice was very good as we walked in they were playing 'The Theme from Shaft' (Ya damn right!).

We got back to the hotel at around 1am - the sun was down, but it was a twilight, not dark.