Fluxx Art

Drawing of FluxxI decided to experiment a little today. I wanted to see how water affected the ink of the rotring art pen. I made a little sketch in my moleskine using a waterfast pen, and then shaded it using the rotring. The sketch is of Fluxx, a card game which I just happened to have on my desk. Applying water caused the rotring ink to spread out in a sort of blueish hue.

To be honest, I got a little concerned - the shadow is much darker than I imagined, but that is the point of the test. Once dry I then coloured the result with watercolour pencils (I had intended to wet those) and reinked. In some parts the reinking was essential as the result was blotchy.

This technique could work well for a 'yes minister' style of painting, or possibly for some moody skies!

To be brutal, I'm not that happy with it (and I'm not fishing here, I'm being self-critical). The pack was resting on a book, and I started to include that, but made a bit of a hash of it. I don't like the shadow at all, and I should not have re-hatched - though the original hatching was good.

I like the elastic bands, I can't quite say way. I also like the two pieces of paper it's sitting on. These are strapped in place using the elastic band. They're the original rules of the game, as well as a list of the extra cards which have been added. These are stored outside the box as there is no room inside due to the extra cards!