When I was a child, I used to be taken to a little place, and I loved it. There was a ford, which I used to think was great, and the road turned sharp left to run parallel to the stream for a while. There was a little country pub and the stream turned to run alongside a field.

For years I've asked where that place was, but as I had the memory of a small child I only got blank responses from my folks. After all, it was just one place amongst many for them.

Yesterday, I was driving my mum along the A20 from London, and out of the blue she pointed and said 'We used to take you there as a kid, there was a ford and the stream had loads of shrimp-like things'.

I said: 'We're going to have a look'. We did. It was the place.

It has changed, the empty field is now a sports field, what I remember as a pub is a house, but beyond that, it's just the same.

Not much there, except a stream, a ford, a road and a bridge - but I've found it again.