Stupid Fanfiction

There is something of a tradition for 'fan fiction', people who like a particular world, be it Tolkein or Lucas, to write their own stories set in that Universe. This is harmless enough, good luck to them. This website, however, tells us of the most stupid fanfic writer ever.

They wrote some (by all accounts bad) fanfiction set in the Star Wars universe, and are selling it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and

In her 'author interview' (I've been unable to find a direct link, so this is a second hand quote) she says:

Q: Having set Another Hope in an already existing universe, I find myself wondering if there was any concern on your part regarding copyrights?

No, because I wrote this book for myself. This is a self-published story and is not a commercial book. Yes, it is for sale on Amazon, but only my family, friends and acquaintances know it's there.


For a full parsing of this, have a look at the original article.

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